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We know you’re well aware that new therapeutics, when developed appropriately, have unlimited potential to benefit millions of patients suffering from diseases and disorders, many currently without adequate treatment options. Unfortunately, we also know that patient access to these therapies will not happen as quickly as we’d like until cell and gene medicine is better understood and gains widespread acceptance as a safe and viable therapeutic option.


The ARM Foundation for Cell and Gene Medicine

The primary international resource for education and research related to the advancement and acceptance of ethical cell and gene medicine

The ARM Foundation has initiated a multi-year program designed to:

  • promote public and patient awareness and understanding of the science, benefits, challenges and opportunities of ethical cell and gene medicine, including gene therapy;
  • increase discussion, transparency and emphasize safe and responsible application of breakthrough gene editing techniques;
  • help stakeholders understand the differences between cell therapies, gene therapies and gene editing; and
  • increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of these technologies to aid in clinical trial recruitment and, ultimately, widespread clinical therapeutic use.

We need your help to achieve these goals.

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Together, we can create strong strategic communications and engagement programs, including news and social media outreach, online education, public service announcements, ensure transparency in research and development information, contribute science writers’ guides, host science briefings, and more.  Won’t you join us?

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